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—  Dinner  —

See board for features – changes daily

Butcher Block
Daily selection of cuts from the butcher shop
Market Price

Raw Bar
Showcasing meat in the 3 classic culinary raw styles – tartare, tataki, carpaccio

Classics that stand alone, or pair with any of the Butcher Block cuts
Market Price


Cow's Trough
Eat like a cow! These selections are all 100% Vegan. They can stand alone and also make great sides.

—  Corn  —
Shallot frittes, puffed vermicelli, herbs, coconut oil

—  Tri-Colour Cauliflower  —
Roasted cauliflower, spice crunch

—  Sweet Potato  —
Tempura, ponzu sauce

—  Frittes  —
Fresh thyme, Vancouver Island fleur de sel

—  Daily Steam  —
Steamed seasonal vegetables


Dairy Farm
Vegetarian selections prepared with butter, cream and/or cheese. Perfect as sides, or combine for a whole meal.

—  Mushrooms  —
Seasonal mushrooms with butter & garlic

—  Smashed Potato  —
Cumin creme fraiche, chive

—  Broccoli  —
Swoon cheddar sauce

—  Gratin  —
Red jacket potato, local cheese, truffle, cream

—  Squash  —
Maple, rosemary, jalapeño

—  Beets & Greens  —
Greens, swiss chard, chèvre, basil, truffle