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Butcher Shop

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We focus on what we know best - beef. We have a deep understanding and appreciation for how it’s raised, and how it makes its way from farm to table. At the core, our focus is to provide customers with healthy, ethical meat.  We have personally visited and selected five Ontario farms from which to source our animals.  We have forged personal relationships with each farmer, and want to show you the difference in quality and taste these hand-sourced meats provide. 

We bring in full animals, and butcher them down on the premises. That means that not all cuts will be available all the time - but we PROMISE we can find you alternate cuts that you’ll love just as much - they may just become your favourites! (We’ll also supplement our full animal with cuts from Flannagan Food’s Carve program - a carefully selected co-op of 50 local farms that meet our standards). 

When considering farms to participate in the M’Eat program, we use an acronym we call H.A.W.P.: hormone-free, animal per acre, winter feed and pasture raised.  Each farm employs a minimum of one acre per cow, as the lives the animals enjoy while roaming the pasture before they are prepared to be consumed is crucial to the vitality of the meat.  While grass-fed feeding is a widely-discussed concept, the feeding considerations during the frigid winter months in Ontario are often disregarded as the landscape is covered in ice and snow.  
"Our mission is to bring healthy, locally grown and pasture raised meat to the communities around us,” said Luke Erb, farmer at Arrowhead Meats.  “Chef Nelson is the perfect partner for us. What he's doing with M'Eat showcases our product perfectly - he's showing people what meat is supposed to taste like."

We also carry duck, and will feature rotating game options weekly (water buffalo, venison, bison…).